WORD Tshirts_ Instead of making a catalog I decided to ask artists in the show for Tshirt designs... I ended up with 5 designs and made Limited Editions of 88 of each + giving 22 to the artists_ The rest were given away or sold at the New Museum in New York_
          Worn here by Francesco Rabissi an Italian intellectual...

JBIfYou-sleeve72dpi JBIfYou2-72dpi JBIfYou3-72dpi JBLeftSideCU72dpi JBRightSide72dpi JBcopyright72dpi JBleftside72dpi Reading01-72dpi Reading72dpi2 ReadingBall72dpi UhOh_01-372dpi UhOh_02-72dpi WordLg1-72dpi WordLgCU72dpi WordLtCU72dpi
IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU CAN GET A GOOD JOB WITH HIGH PAY AS A CONCEPTUAL ARTIST John Baldessari contributed this brilliant tounge in cheek, underlining the necessity for Social Sculpture ... ... LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE by John Baldessari ... Copyright on Left Sleeve ... READING by Ben Vautier, from rare 70s canvas in black on red ... ... UH OH by The Art Guys ...... Definition of Word_ Websters, 1945
L. Brandon Krall