Putting art again in the service of the mind, Artist-Curator L. Brandon Krall brought W O R D, a survey of work from words surveying the expanded field og conceptual art. LIST OF NAMES... Seminal pieces by artists who engaged language and ideas as their medium, the works will be installed in the three main gallery spaces and extend into the public domain with the billboard IMAGINE PEACE by Yoko Ono.range from the literal to the figurative. Both current and historic material includes a rare video of a Marcel Broodthaers performance from 1972 lent by a collector in London with a representative seletion pf books, catalogs, posters and printed matter. Point d'ironie has been used to paper an expansive corner and with a stiack of books like Do It and essay preents the curator Hans Ulrich-Obrist as a Social Sculptor. WORD unites diverse artists, from first and second generation Conceptualists, to Fluxus artist Ben Vautier, Christian Xatrec and Tougard Maucotel from France, with artists working in North America and Texas.

The embodiment of ideas includes a unique piece by grafitti legend Rammelzee. Ranging from pure verbal constructs to penetratingly simple neon by Martin Creed "FEELINGS." Wordplay and verbal constructs tied to figurative objects like William Stone's Role of the Church and the spinning And Tables. The use of words in art may be traced to antiquity, but here our precedents began with the 20th century artists and designers whose ideas about art, language, and graphic design lead to the revolutionary works that emerged from Europe, the Americas and Asia in the 60s and 70s, where our show begins_ From the grass roots to the ivory towers of cultural production. Like a new poetry for the 21st century, art made with words, with its extensions into architecture and popular media, relies for its effect on the power of language to present meaning and to evoke sensation and images. The exhibition WORD invites visitors to engage at first hand with the potent forms that work with words can take.

Lucy R. Lippard, Jerry Kearns, Lawrence Weiner were among the 6 panelists_ The discussion took place at the gallery on Friday October 20, 2006.

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